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Garry's Mod Prop Hunt Hide'n'Seek is a free role-playing game for Windows PC devices—considering that people already have Garry’s Mod purchased. Developed by Facepunch Studios, Garry’s Mod is a sandbox game that released in 2004. Prop hunts are an addon that can be played on other gaming software: Call of Duty, Fortnite, Minecraft, etc.

Is GMod Prop Hunt free?

Garry’s Mod’s default mode is sandbox; the title is an innovative physics simulation platform. GMod allows for a multitude of gameplay modes and options. In this videogame, people can enable and import content from other source games. Additionally, Garry’s Mod automatically includes titles that are viewable on the home screen—wherein users can implement by marking them.

Although the original GMod is not a free download, the software includes an immense amount of free content for the purchase price. On the home screen, consumers can find Addons. If they click on that text, then they will be able to access the Subscribed content: game modes, maps, weapons, tools, NPCs, entities, effects, vehicles, models, etc.

If there is a specific addon to find, then the GMod community can search for the content in the search bar within the left panel. Additionally, they are given the options to "Enable All", "Disable All", and "Uninstall All".

Within the Addons category, locate the Trending, Top Rated, Latest Uploads, and Friends Uploads sections to find new video game titles to play. These features maintain an up-to-date environment and create an aware and inclusive audience. Discover more titles to download within the Open Workshop button.

What is GMod Prop Hunt?

GMod Prop Hunt includes an extensive list of content that is sourced from other gaming titles. Within the action ordeal, there are two teams: red and blue. The gamers will swap opportunities to role-play both groups. If a prop person is terminated, then they will become a spectator that can only watch the session.

To join a meeting together, all of the members need to select the same server. GMod Prop Hunt offers entertainment to friends in the form of multiplayer modes because the participants can vocally communicate with each other, which can enhance each hide and seek round.

How do you play Prop Hunt on GMod?

When the GMod community is on the red team, then they scour the map to find a prop to become. To turn into an item, the user simply hovers and selects the piece by pressing E. People can switch items by following the same process.

When facing the feat of having to transform into an item, people can choose to be tiny or immensely-sized articles. The red team can convert into the element and move around to hide more adeptly.

When moving around, ensure that the coast is clear because if a hunter sees a moving object, then they’ll attack to win. The red members can swivel the perspective to gain advantageous views of the scene and examine if the enemies are coming with an underneath viewpoint.

The alternate team is blue and is fittingly referred to as Hunters. They are armed with weapons: guns, tools, etc. After the red team has had 30 seconds to disguise themselves as props, the hunters have a limited time period to locate and destroy the prop participant. When a hunter incorrectly attacks an object, they lose health.

Where did Prop Hunt come from?

Once Prop Hunt is downloaded as an addon for Garry’s Mod, people can open up GMod and navigate to the Addons area. By selecting "Disable All" and re-engaging Prop Hunt, players ensure that their participation experience will not be buggy and laggy.

Disengaging the remaining addons is advantageous, although not essential to take part in the challenge. Instead of turning into a prop, users are subject to only picking up the item when all of the addons are initiated.

Once the Prop Hunt portion is chosen, navigate to the home screen and locate "Sandbox" in the bottom-left corner. By clicking on that button, the GMod community can switch the mode to "Prop Hunt". After pressing the "Prop Hunt" section within "Sandbox", players tap the first option in the list on the left panel, "Start New Game."

To continue the initiation of the matches, create a server by assessing which of the maps will provide the optimum adventure and how many players will be involved: one, two, four, eight, 16, 32, 64, or 128. Keep in mind that changing maps within the game requires a change in server.

Once users have allocated the number of players to the event, they will be prompted to name the server; choose a suitable title. Considering the Local Server box, users can either select or keep the square unchecked. Once satisfied, the community members can click on "Start Game" to begin.

Alternative programs

While the number of sources that GMod games include may be the largest, there are still other titles that include the prop hunt addon: COD, Fortnite, Minecraft, and Terraria. The scenery within all of the prop hunt additions coincides with the images that will be found on the original titles. The atmospheres for Minecraft and Terraria are going to be more animated than Fortnite and GMod.

In terms of appearance, COD is more realistic than the aforementioned sources. The goals of the games are the same; to choose which title to play, people have to consider their preference for each of the initial pieces of content—COD, Fortnite, Minecraft, or Terraria.

Intense hide and seek PC game

The two teams within Garry’s Mode Prop Hunt are the red and blue leagues. The team that becomes the prop is the red team and they can explore the map for 30 seconds to find a suitable object and place to hide from the hunters: the blue team.

Due to Prop Hunt being made independently, there will not be an official update structure linked to GMod. Therefore, players will need to monitor different sites to see if updates arise.


  • Imaginative
  • Intimate gaming experience
  • Compatible with a multitude of sources


  • Mildly gory
  • Relies on various servers
  • No warning for disturbing images

User reviews about Garry's Mod - PropHunt (Hide'n'Seek) - Original

  • Christopher Williams

    by Christopher Williams

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  • Daniel Kamlan

    by Daniel Kamlan

    i like garry mod is the best game ever is good lxzjbbzXHJCJHZHzcchjz

  • Maria Diaz

    by Maria Diaz

    this game is so cool to play there are cheats but garry did a really good job on this game thank you garry :)



    I love it I play with me friends and we have so much fun i like to play but my phone broke now i cant but... i want to play it again yaaay



    It is hilarious and awsome the reason you can turn into different props

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    ok now to be play garry's mod yaa.
    yeah cool i like look like so cool is my good game all day. Pros: ok now you sound is good
    well can i pl More


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